Day 5 & 6: Last days

End of CanSat 2018 and flight delays

Our trip has come to an end! Today is basically yesterday but prolonged. We were supposed to leave yesterday but a flight cancellation resulted in us taking a bus to Stokmarknes, taking a flight from there to Bodø. After that we continued to Oslo where we stayed the night, flew off at 6:00 to Copenhagen, from where we flew to Helsinki and finally taking a train home to Vaasa, arriving 18:07. Once more, quite the day.

From ASC to Stokmarknes was an about 2 h bus journey.

The distance from Bodø to Oslo! The red circle shows the island where ASC is located (:
(Disclaimer: Google Maps refused to mark it as only "Bodø", we are not sponsored by Scandic)

Before our very long journey and may flights (in total, we took 8 flights this entire trip), we of had the results announced! The competitions work in a way so that there is one winner/country. This means that one team from each country presented can advance to the European competition in Portugal! Of course, there is the overall Nordic CanSat winner as well. This year Finland had really tough competition, and the other team from Finland, team Skylark, won over us. They also won the entire competition! Well done Finland :D A bummer that we couldn't go to Portugal, we had worked very hard :/ But, Skylark did deserve the win (: Övis has to let others win sometimes, right ;) Jokes aside, we in Jamncan - Jesper, Amanda, Mikael, Nils - did learn a lot from this trip and did win a great experience instead, cheezy as it sounds.

After announcing the winners, we were assigned into groups and got to do different "stations" that were prepared for us. The first one was watching a short, but very interesting, documentary about the Aurora borealis - the Northern lights. The space centre and Aurora Spaceship where we spent our time at are known for studying the Northern lights and sending up rockets that study them. Another station was a Rocket launch simulation where we got to act as both the ground station and the ones going up on the ship! The third station was prepared by the teachers and was very fun as well, in it, we were two teams competing for who could build the most stable bridge out of spaghetti straws. It was fun and we had a very creative contraption that at least supported 1 kg!  :D The other team managed to hold 1 and a half :o

The rest of the time was spent socializing and then we were off on the very long journey back with several flights.

We'd like to thank everybody from our part, ESA, everybody working with us at ASC, our school, our sponsors of course(!!!), and last but not least our teacher Emma who put up with us the whole time :D




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