Day 4: Final presentation

Socializing after hard work and a good meal

Work - food - work - food has basically been the schedule during the competition, and we have hardly had time for free time, even less for socializing. Today, we had the final presentation where we showed our results from both drops and analyzed the data. We worked in it for a long time, with a slightly slower pace than usual - we were all very tired. We had to quickly go through the presentation, making sure everybody knows what to say on their part and that we're ready.

All this was done while being constantly interrupted by a countdown message, and then everybody went outside to see the launch. The thing is, the countdown started what, 3-4 times? There was an actual rocket going to be launched by some German scientists at the Space Center, but they faced some issues every single time and had to delay the launch. They ended up delaying it so many times they missed the time window in which they could launch it, due to some regulations. We ended up not seeing any launch, but we still had to cut our presentation midway to go outside and "see it", only to be informed they had to wait.

So, this happened in the middle of our presentation, which we were very nervous for. We were first out, and luckily for the other teams, there were no more interruptions. The presentation turned out pretty well, although we kept a slightly too quick of a pace and ended up forgetting to say some of the things we planned to. The jury had no questions afterwards, and after all the teams were done we went out for a short hike.

Some pictures from the point we stopped at! Norway really is beautiful :D

After a while we were taken out to eat at a restaurant called Riggen! We got pizza and this is where we had time to socialize with the other teams! Most of us went out for a walk after eating and continued the talking over card games once at our accommodations. 

Tonight, we will truly sleep well when we do not have to stress about getting anything done ((: It is up to the judges now! 
Picture from near the restaurant we ate at. Sunset in the background (:

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