Day 3: Launch-day

Drone Drop Day Done!

Aaand another fairly hectic day for the teams, some last minute issues needing to be fixed before the test drop. Some teams, including us, stayed up late to complete the can. Time management is something that most of us need to improve! 

At the morning meeting, we were asked to what extent we were ready, deciding the order in which we would conduct the first drop. We were given plastic bags to cover our CanSats from getting wet in the snow and to save them from potential rain. A lack of scissors and proper tape resulted in a very 'sketchy' looking can which, to be honest, seemed to be the general look of our Jamncan - sketchy.

Pictures of our can with its custom-made raincoat (: 

We didn't actually launch the cans with a little rocket like they usually do. instead, they were flown up by hexacopters (drones) due to the bad weather. The height at which they were dropped was changed from 1000 meters to 250 meters in the final drop, in attempt to not have the cans blown too far away by the wind, getting lost in the deep snow.

Drop 1 turned out very good! The sensor we expected to show data, showed data :D Temperature, pressure showed reasonable data, with a sliight offset. The radiation sensor has never failed us, and stayed true this time as well (: There is not a worrying amount of background radiation in Norway! Our parachute was doubted by many, it having a huge hole in the middle. The thing was that we had a slightly bigger model, allowing us to have a big hole without the can descending too fast. It was actually very stable when falling down, it looked neat :D Great work Jesper ;)

For the final drop we didn't need the plastic cover, but just as it was our turn, it started raining D: This was problematic and seems to be the cause of our pressure sensor not showing any change this time around! We got the other data though, it was saved to our ground station computer before the short-circuited at landing. We recovered the can and went off to analyze the data and start our final presentation! We just have to interpret the results, and give reasons or show our understanding of the errors that might have occurred and why they occurred.

After two - ...many days of tireless working and little sleep, we took a needed 2 km walk to the nearest - and only - store in the area. Our little adventure can be seen in the vlog :DD

Since we will have more time to work on the presentation tomorrow, we made the decision of going early to bed today, and focus on working tomorrow. Hopefully, we will have time to socialize with the other teams ((:

Picture of one of our rooms, taken as this is this blog is written.

Vlog 3 here :D

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