Day 2: Andøya

Day 2, City 2, Blog 2!

What a day! We started off by checking out from our hotel in Tromsø, heading off to the airport once again. From there, we were flown to Andøya with this very cool, little plane for 39 passengers, the flight taking about 25 minutes. Once again we were hit by amazing views! The Arctic ocean on one side, impressive mountains on the other!

For those who might play games - major Skyrim vibes x)

Our team was the last team to arrive at Andøya Space Center due to the delay, and unfortunately, we did not have time to listen to other teams' presentations. It would have been very interesting to know what solutions and ideas other people have come up with! Instead, we held our presentation for the rest and it feels like it went very well :D

Most of the day we were busy with finishing touches, eating good meals in between. As the day was coming to an end, the CanSat supervisors walked around informing us when we should be ready for the final inspection. This is when we should be able to show that our CanSat is ready and that the programming works, construction holds etc. The interview, or the final inspection, was kind of terrifying. We were still working on the last bits when it was our turn, and the stress made us leave behind some things in the working room, which made us come off us as unorganized and unprepared. Luckily, the inspectors were understanding and we were approved (: (: We still have things to work on, and it might just not get done. If something doesn't work at the launch, we will make the best out of what we have. We've been working very diligently and at least I can confirm that my team members are very talented, working well together as a result of attending the same class.

Finally, we were transported off to Skarsteinsdalen where our accommodation is located in an old military base! This is where we will be sleeping for the rest of the competition, and where the cans will be flown up from. Tonight we all will sleep well, having stressed with getting the Jam-n-can launch-ready.

What a day!


Vlog 2 out!

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