Day 1: Tromsø

Welcome to our blog! And first post!!

We started our trip to Andøya early. We left Vasa at 9:45. The trip was fun, and we got to stay long at Arlanda airport because our flight was delayed. In fact, it was so delayed that we missed our other flight, and are now stuck in Tromsø for the night... Exciting!

The airline was nice enough to give us all single rooms in a hotel, and 250 NOK for our evening dinner, so everything is great! We had some time to work on our website, presentation and vlogs, so that will come up later (tomorrow?). The view in Tromsø where we are staying has an amazing view! We walked around town for an hour and just took photos of the environment. The mountains and the sea look so beautiful from here, Y'all gots to see that in the vlog! 😁

We'll go through our presentation and then head off to sleep. We'll keep up with the daily blog and vlogs this week, it is going to be an exciting experience/trip! It will be awesome however it turns out! :P

Vlog is out!

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